Dr Qinqin Liu - Art-Science Email: drqliu@yahoo.com
Dr Qinqin Liu - Art-Science                              Email: drqliu@yahoo.com

Dr. Qinqin Liu - Art & Science

Qinqin Liu creates interplay between art and science based on her 30 years of experience as an Artist & Scientist.  Life and art are integral parts of the same process, especially when the art could touch the lives of others in ways common to our environments and humanity. Taking social responsibility in art and science is Qinqin’s lifetime career as an artist and scientist.  Her art project objective is to transform complex scientific knowledge into simplified visual art work that could touch and inform others about our shared ecosystems and living environments, related to changing climate and human health.


Art creativity brings vitality into her scientific work as a biologist and environmental scientist.  Natural and environmental beauty often inspires her artwork, beginning with a lot of sketches that are later translated into expressions from her heart and soul using watercolors and other mixed media.  The interplay of Chinese calligraphy and design elements with Western art styles also contributes to the unique character of her art.   She also translates ideas that trigger her imagination into art sketches, and transforms complex science into symbols, calligraphic and abstract motifs in her artwork.  Qinqin’s current art work reflects her concerns about water and environmental issues related to climate change and ecosystems. This artwork is inspired not only by the watershed beauty of the mountain snow and its paths to waterways that are the life blood of our ecosystems, but also by deep feelings about changing climate harming this natural beauty and our living world. 


Qinqin’s artwork has been exhibited at museums and galleries, corporations and conferences in California and other states, including the Crocker Art Museum, Duluth Art Museum, Intel Corporation, and art shows from the American Ecological Conference, California Adaptation Forum, Berkeley Art and Friends, and the California Water Color Association.  Qinqin’s artwork is in private collections and has earned awards from Sacramento Fine Art Center and Sin-Eco Association, and also has been published as the book cover for “Green Careers,” Higher Education Press, PRC.  She provided a key role to organize the climate art show in the California Adaptation Forum in 2014.  She has been invited to provide overviews on Eco Art and climate change by an International Journal of Ecological Processes (work in progress).  Her science publications in biology and ecology have been accepted in books and peer-reviewed international journals, and she has been selected to give a presentation for Connecting the Dots between Energy, Water, Food, Ecosystems and Climate Change at the Annual Conference Ecological Society of America (please see her CV for more information). 


Email: drqliu@yahoo.com


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